Why should you use cloud book-keeping software?

Using any type of book-keeping software, enables a more accurate record of your finances. Particularly with links to bank accounts and efficient processes in place, it makes the effort required seem like no effort at all!

With the cloud, we can also review your current processes for the way you keep your records, both financial and non-financial, and make suggestions as to how to improve these going forward. This could be as simple as implementing a numbering system for purchase invoices or keeping all fuel receipts by month in envelopes. It doesn’t have to be a big change in order to have a big impact.

Cloud Technology

HMRC’s new initiative Making Tax Digital (MTD) is coming in 2019 for all Vat registered businesses over the threshold. This means that all Vat returns will need to be made from software and not via HMRC’s gateway account. MTD will also mean additional submissions to HMRC from your software. This means that spreadsheets just won’t be good enough.

We can offer training and assistance in transferring over to a new accounts system, plus ongoing support once you are up and running.

We are partners with Xero, Quickbooks, Clearbooks and Sage Online. Each have a different look and feel and we can suggest which one will suit your working style and requirements.

Sage Cloud Technology

Other really useful pieces of cloud technology that can link to cloud book-keeping software and automate a lot of tasks are:

ReceiptBank Cloud Technology
1Tap Cloud Technology
Gocardless Cloud Technology
Directli Cloud Technology
Stripe Cloud Technology