Great bookkeeping is your business’s little superpower. It lays out your financial data to tell a story, mapping out the past, helping predict the future and acting as a compass for those big, growth-generating decisions.

But finding the time to keep your books in good order is difficult alongside running your business. Surely you can just get your accountant to tidy up your books when they do your tax return, right?

Unfortunately not. You’ll save yourself time and money by paying for monthly bookkeeping rather than a once-a-year cleanup.

“Little and often” is the best approach.

Imagine a garden: if you leave it unattended for a year to grow freely, it’ll be a gigantic task to get everything back in order! It’ll likely take days to make it neat and tidy again…and involve a hefty gardener’s fee. On the other hand, if you regularly dedicate time to de-weeding and mowing the lawn, it’ll be far more manageable to keep your garden in tip-top condition.

The same applies to your bookkeeping.

If your bookkeeping doesn’t have regular, professional attention (or you try to do it yourself but miss things), the clean-up fee will be nearly as high as having monthly bookkeeping throughout the year.

Monthly bookkeeping will save you (and your accountant!) a lot of hassle come tax return time. Plus, your cash flow won’t be hit with a sudden, one-off cleanup cost.

Clean books help you make better decisions.

We’ve seen time and time again how businesses can get so much more out of their bookkeeping. Monthly bookkeeping services provide a wealth of up-to-date, accurate data you can use to your advantage.

Deciding whether it’s the right time to bring on another team member? The answer lies in your books. The numbers will tell you whether you can afford it and forecast how it will impact your business.

Regular bookkeeping means you don’t rely on guesswork at year-end.

How many times have you been scratching your head trying to remember what an expense was and how it should be categorised?

With monthly bookkeeping, you’ll keep track of all expenses as they happen. When tax returns roll around, it’ll simply be a case of pulling in the data you already have logged throughout the year.

Yep, monthly bookkeeping means tax returns can actually be a stress-free affair!

Great bookkeeping produces a goldmine of valuable data. It’s time to use it to its full potential.

Being a small business owner is tough. You want to find every tool at your disposal to make running your business easier.

We’re here to equip you with those tools. Our monthly bookkeeping services give you insight into your numbers and confidence your books are clean as a whistle.

Ready to get started? Book a friendly 15-minute video chat with us. We’ll get to know your business, chat about what you’re looking for and plans we can put in place to help you get the most out of your business.


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